Stop work forever!


I couldn’t contain myself any longer…

I want you to participate in what I consider the very best property wealth creation program in Australia today – Property Pay Day.

This is no ordinary education program – it’s designed to do one thing and one thing only…

Make you rich!

I want to prove that it’s possible for you, in a remarkable 16 hour, on-line educational course that will cost you less to attend then you would pay to see most ordinary financial planners and virtually guarantees you better results.

And let me tell you one thing right now…

It is also my aim to prove to you (and anybody else who cares) that not only is it possible to get rich in a relatively short period of time (I did it in 7 years – many of my clients have done it in less) that you can do it with a high degree of safety through “normal”, legal, and well accepted property investment strategies combined together in my unique way.

Would you be excited by a 103% return in just 3 ½ years?

I know I was – and I was more excited to know that the clients I have who followed my advice would have received similar returns.

And this is why this is no ordinary property investing program.  To save you time if you have been consistently getting higher returns than that – stop reading now.

But, and I suspect this is the case, if you have not performed as well with your investments, maybe you should put your feet up for 5 minutes and think about how what I am about to say could literally change your life.

What you Learn…

Change your life…

Yes, you CAN get positive cash flow from property PLUS exciting capital growth

Just think, right now you could buy a $500,000 property with just $25,000 deposit.

Even at capital city yields you’d still probably be cash flow positive to the tune of around $57 per week.

And if your property grew at the same rate as Sydney property in 2013 that would give you $50,000 in equity in just one year.

That’s right, in just one year from now, taking off your deposit and adding in your rental cash flow you could be $32,964 richer.

But only if you start right now.

This amazing opportunity of low interest rates and high cash flow will not last forever.

Act now!

Now is the time to act, with the best professional help by your side, and that’s exactly what Property Pay Day offers.

Spend 16 hours with property genius Peter Spann “live in your home” for just $29.98

This is a full on wealth education program.

I pack in as much as I can into this 16 hours, and your investment is just $29.98 – the equivalent of 8c a day over a year.

That’d buy you just a few minutes with an ordinary accountant, a middle of the road financial planner, or a suburban lawyer.  This is probably even less than a bank would charge you in fees on your home loan in a month!

Peter Spann has taught over 70,000 Australian’s the secrets to property investing success.  
Will you be his next millionaire graduate?  Enrol now!  

What you Learn…

Change your life…

Money back guaranteed!

There’s no risk to you.  We like our clients to be happy – so if your not happy, we’re not happy.

If you don’t like the program we’ll refund your money.   So there’s nothing for you to lose and plenty for you to gain by enrolling.

If we didn’t offer this guarantee I might understand people’s reluctance to enrol but really, all you stand to give up is one day of time to discover what it might be like to have the rest of your life free from financial worries.

At any time during your first 30 days you decide the program is not for you, that it does not deliver, or that the strategies would not produce the type of returns we claim, you can ask for and receive a full refund of your investment.

Just fill in one little form and it’s done.

Easy as that.  So now you have nothing to risk and everything to gain.

Find out more about our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Your financial adviser does NOT want you to read this

Sad to say but most financial advisers are pretty ordinary.  And I should know, I’ve worked in the industry and tried to employ the good ones for 20 years and they are few and far between.

Fact is most everyday people can do better on their own with the help of a good Accountant, a good Lawyer AND a good EDUCATION!

It’s time you got all three and powered through to new levels of investing success.

Imagine the profits.  Imagine the self satisfaction.  And imagine the freedom that could be yours.

Can $10,000 be turned into over $1million in just 25 years?

If you’re about 40 years old this is probably a VERY important question to have answered – and the answer is ‘yes’, IF, and this is an important if, you act now and you act smart.

Property Pay Day gives you a real opportunity of hitting that target using the compounding value of property.

Are you one of the (approximately) 1,456,341 Australians fuming over the mediocre performance of their super fund?

Well – you’re not alone – I guessed at the number of upset investors based on the fact that about 10% of Australian’s had their super in managed funds, but I do know that the vast majority of people who I have spoken to about their Superannuation, are rightly ticked.

Property Pay Day offers you a viable alternative to using traditional managed funds by showing you how to invest in property, geared through your Superannuation fund.

For people who want to work less and earn more

One of the most common questions I ask of my audiences is “Who’s is working because they have to, not because they want to?” And usually 95% of hands go up.  And that sucks!  Work can literally sap the life out of you. Especially when it isn’t something that you love.

Investing in property can relieve you of that burden.

Follow the Property Pay Day strategy and in a few short years you may very well be able to go to your boss (even if that is you) and say, “Take this job and give it to somebody who so richly deserves it!”

By using a combination of capital growth style and cash flow style investments you can not only build a strong portfolio of quality property but you can also put cash in the bank each week without having to work.

Build up a big enough portfolio (and that should take years, not decades like most people’s current strategy), and you can kiss that job goodbye – and good riddance to it too.

Why some people almost always make money in property and why most almost always lose

I’m lucky – I did so well out of my first investment property I was hooked for life.

Back in the 80’s it took me a year working as a checkout chick to save a $6,000 deposit.

I bought a rundown little house on a big block of land at the end of a train line for $18,000.

I used a credit card to pay for the renovation and sold the property for $42,000 and a $16,000 profit.   That was more money than I’d seen from working for a year after tax, so I was determined to do this as many times as possible.

Turns out over the following twenty years or so I did it over 300 times, finally amassing a portfolio of 153 properties.   (Before selling them in the mid to late 2000’s to retire debt).

It made me a multi-millionaire and along the way I developed a criteria for selecting high performing properties, a cheeky process for buying a cheap as I could, a repeatable method for  renovating that produced maximum return with as little expenditure as possible, a systemic approach to revaluing, refinancing or reselling to release equity, and a portfolio balancing process that produced cash flow and capital growth from my portfolio at gearing levels around 75%.

And it’s that 30 years of experience that Property Pay Day shares with you, educates you and leaves you skilled and empowered to succeed.   I did the hard yards so you don’t have to.

Don’t be wishing in 10 years time that you had a time machine and could go back to today and book into Property Pay Day.

Discover the fortune that lies hidden in the tax you pay

Of course the tax man wants you to pay tax – that’s their job – but it doesn’t mean you have to agree with them.

The average person pays about $30,000 in tax a year.  That’s 909 hours of your life every year that you are working to help fund the governments wild spending sprees.

That’s on top of GST (a massive windfall for the government), state taxes, car registration, and more.  NO WONDER it’s almost impossible for you to have any money left over to invest.

But what if you could turn that $30,000 a year into a nest egg that alone could turn into a small fortune?

You can!  And yet a fraction of people do.

And if you know how to select the right investment (and of course that’s what you’ll learn at Property Pay Day) they can do very well over 10 or 12 years.

If you even saved $1,000 in tax this year and turned that into a successful investment, surely that’d be worth $1,998?

Break the “poverty cycle” forever

The wealthy teach their children how to invest and be rich from the day they are born.

They never know any different.

A life of freedom, wealth, and fun is their birthright.

Yet the middle class set up a poverty cycle for themselves and their family which will last forever unless it is broken.

Do well at school, go to uni, get a job, work hard, climb the corporate ladder, struggle with a business, buy a car, buy a house, run up your credit cards to keep up with the Joneses and as soon as you look like getting ahead with a  promotion or pay rise you have to blow it all on a bigger house, private school fees a better car and so on.  This locks you into the “poverty cycle” forever.

I should know – that’s where I was heading before I learnt the investing secrets that will be shared with you at this seminar.

Did you know – the poor have a better chance of becoming rich – at least they are so horrified by their circumstances they often DO something about it.

The middle class find it hard to break out of the poverty cycle because, on the surface at least, things look great but it’s like an iceberg dragging you down with everything that’s going on under the surface.

Is your family’s future worth 8c a day to you?

Many of our graduates give us the feedback that the “poverty cycle” has been broken permanently for their family as they can finally lead their children by example to teach them how to be free from the pressures of work forever.

Some of the younger graduates of our seminars have NEVER worked!!!  (And they’re not on the dole).  And they NEVER WANT TO!

And Property Pay Day costs just 8c per day over a year.

What our graduates say…

Change your life…

5 key strategies in 1 action packed seminar

  1. Leapfrogging – the strategy that started the renovation boom – too big a claim?  Maybe but we were teaching people how to make money out of renovations long before it appeared on TV and our clients had a head start of years!
  2. Highest and Best Use – the property value adding strategy that can add tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars and possibly even millions of dollars in capital growth to your investment strategy;
  3. Cash Flow Positive Property (without the complexity) – it is possible to generate exciting cash positive returns from property without resorting to going bush or complex legal structures – you’ll learn how to get up to 18% PA, tax advantaged  cash return the easy way – through commercial property trusts;
  4. SUPERannuation – take control of your investment in your future – blow the returns of the traditional fund managers out of the water and build a real nest egg for your “twilight” years
  5. Just say “No” to tax – legal, simple tax advantaged strategies that will not only minimise or possible eliminate your tax but also produce an investment and cash flow stream for your future.

Here’s the full list of everything you learn…

Change your life…

Property Pay Day is a clear-cut, practical guide not only to acquiring riches, but also advancing personal growth…

  • How the rich made it;
  • How they keep it;
  • How they pass it on to their children;
  • How they attain happiness;
  • How they live an interesting and meaningful life

If you’ve been thinking about buying, selling or doing work on a property, don’t do anything until you’ve participated in this world class education – it could mean tens of thousands of dollars to you!

A lifetime investment in your most precious resource… you!

Even if you’re skeptical you should still enrol

What’s holding you back?  I understand your scepticism – I know I would be the first to query some of the claims I have made, but I would also be smart enough to realise that $29.98 was worth it to find out if even 1 out of 10 of the promises I make in this letter were true.

I’d be sceptical but I’d still do the course.  You know why?

Because by reading and attending seminars like this I learnt everything I needed to literally become rich.

And, if you let me, I will teach you exactly how you can become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams too.

I want to show you exactly how far you could go starting from where you are now (and no matter where you are, you couldn’t be worse than I was!) if you had the skills, strategies and knowledge that I have today.  If you knew what I know.

Property Pay Day is…

  • Practical
  • Easy to understand and implement
  • Intellectually stimulating
  • Scientifically based
  • Results oriented

And you’re covered by our money back guarantee.

It’s easier than you might think…

I have found that even though you may have all the knowledge you need to be wealthy, putting that knowledge to use, forming successful strategies with it, knowing where to start, what to do when, and what will produce the biggest result in the shortest period of time with the least risk – well, that’s a bit harder.

And that’s exactly what Property Pay Day gives you – a precise strategy to follow, a plan if you like, for wealth.

I sure know that if this course was around when I was staring out I would have sold my bomb Leyland and lined up with you to find out what a difference this could make in my life.

Here’s the full list of everything you learn…

Change your life…

Peter is famous for his love of Ferrari’s – he bought his first in 1990, years before he started presenting seminars and has owned 14 since then.  

Learn about Peter’s success and his strategies in this TV interview

Would you stop to talk with a rich guy with a red Ferrari if he offered to share his sure fire get rich tips?

OK, there, I said it…  The two words that most people who shy away from investment seminars hate to hear in one sentence – “Ferrari” and “get rich”.  I can’t tell you the flack I’ve got over the years because I have had a Ferrari in the garage for most of the last two decades.

To me it’s just automotive perfection and a way to recapture my “rev head” youth.  But let’s face it, if you saw me standing next to the car in the street and you knew it was mine wouldn’t you ask how I got it?  That’s the second most common question (after “how does she go?”) that people ask.

They seem genuinely interested in how I was able to afford such an expensive “ride”.  Somehow they seem almost disappointed when I tell them I got rich the boring way – investing!

And let’s face another truth – most people wouldn’t mind being rich – a Ferrari in the garage might not be your number one goal, and probably, nor should it be, but what would it hurt if you were rich?  It wouldn’t hurt one little bit.

Being rich has meant a lot to me…

Early on, sure it was about the toys – cars, boats, houses, planes…

Then it became about the excitement of financial freedom – doing what I wanted with whom ever I wanted, whenever I wanted as many times as I wanted…

Then it became about building a business and leaving a mark by teaching and guiding my clients to financial success, making donations to the charities of my choice and being recognised through writing books and presenting seminars…

And now it’s about just being me – finding out who I really am.  I’m really lucky because most people never get that opportunity.  I’ve quit the corporate lifestyle, thrown out my suits, live by the beach and mostly just enjoy life.  I’m not as rich as I used to be, but jeez, I’m happier!!!

So, yes this is a “get rich” seminar…  We live in a free market economy and despite the best efforts of the detractors, wingers and naysayers around us you have the ability, indeed the right to be rich if you want to be.  And who cares what you do with it then – give it all away if you want to but one thing I took to heart early on is that the easiest way to help the poor is by not being one of them!

More about your presenter, Peter Spann…

Change your life…

A genuine breakthrough in wealth education for ordinary people

Investment choices these days are so many and varied and there is so much jargon to cut through, ordinary people can have a tough time making sense of it all.

Well, that’s precisely what I’d like to do; share everything I can with you about how to become wealthy fast and maintain and add to that wealth forever.

Strategies that earn more in days then some people earn in a year.

  • Strategies that would enable you to retire with an income that was better than 99.8% of the population who work themselves into an early grave each year.
  • Tips that would mean your investment strategy would not only come alive, but develop with performance that, up until now, you may have only dreamed about.

I will teach you how to manage your own money and invest in ways that are simple, practical and offer the best opportunity for strong gain over the long term with minimum risk.

I present in simple, plain English, and carefully structure the course so anyone can understand and follow.

You’ll get practical, how-to techniques that are simple to follow and easy to use.

You’ll learn ways to generate more cash to put to your investment strategy.

And how to secure your financial freedom forever.

There is only one decision to make – invest $29.98, risk free and enrol into Property Pay Day

Get ready for a big difference to your financial future.

I look forward to teaching you at Property Pay Day.


Peter Spann

P.S. Don’t believe everything you read, don’t believe everything you hear…  I’ve been THE Number One Wealth Educator in this country for 30 years because my strategies work, they are easy to implement, they are suitable for almost everybody, are taught in plain English and I deliver what I promise.  Let me prove it to you.  Enrol in Property Pay Day right now!

Change your life… Enrol NOW!