Build a growing portfolio of quality property assets that produce cash flow and equity, setting you up for financial freedom


Everything you need to build a powerful growth or income residential property portfolio in the Australian market.

Insider info, expert opinion, feasibilities, and how to’s.

Every resource necessary to succeed.

On-Line Education

Peter Spann’s Do It Yourself Property Investing On-Line Course

10 Lessons of pure education for people who want to succeed in property investing and achieve a level of financial freedom quicker and safer than doing it on their own.

Learn from home at your own pace.


Shift your future into high gear!  Join an exclusive group of serious ‘players’ personally coached by Peter Spann.

Demonstrate your commitment to high performance in every aspect of your life by joining this intense one-on-one program.

  • All the tools you need to succeed

    Property Pay Day gives you all the knowledge, information, skills and strategies you need to succeed in the property market today!

  • Building a Winning Portfolio

    Property Pay Day teaches you how to build a winning portfolio of growth and cash flow property to build your wealth.

  • On-Line Learning

    Property Pay Day is based on Peter Spann’s 20+ years experience as an investor, educator, and real estate agent, fully taking advantage on the latest technology delivery methods.

  • New Content Added Regularly

    Not only do you get your weekly course material you’ll be able to access all the content as it is added for a full year.

  • Email Support

    Property Pay Day members get support direct from Peter Spann – all your questions answered – you are never on your own in the markets.

Property Investing On-Line Learning

If you’re investing in property (or want to) having a great strategy can make you and save you thousands of dollars.

Property Pay Day teaches you Peter Spann’s strategy to find and invest in residential properties that are likely to outperform their peers and the market in both growth and yield.

Plus it covers every aspect of property investing like financing, tax strategies, depreciation, value-adding, selection, and selling so you know you have everything you need to succeed.   Consider Peter Spann’s Property Pay Day On-line Education Program as your simple and easy solution to property investment success.

Harness the Wealth Creation Power of Investment Property !

With the right knowledge and skills, you could build a portfolio of properties that could fast-track your way to financial freedom!

In 10 lessons viewable on-line at your leisure, Peter Spann shares with you his key learnings from over over 30 years of property investment, all the tricks and traps, all the insider knowledge, all the fast track secrets, all the information and motivation you will need to embark on your own highly successful investment journey designed to set you up for life.

Information others pay thousands for !

Consider the efficiency of on-line training – other people pay thousands of dollars for similar content delivered by less experienced investors.  Is it really worth such a premium to sit in a room with other people listening to the same stuff?

Peter Spann’s Property Pay Day is only so cheap because it is highly efficient – save money and learn just as much, if not more.     Plus Peter is waiting to answer your questions by email from day one.

Property Pay Day is:

  • Practical
  • Easy to understand and implement
  • Intellectually stimulating
  • Scientifically based
  • Results oriented

Success Stories

“These property strategies are mind blowing… I am indebted to you and will be for the rest of my successful life.”

P. MacFarlane

“I bought a house for $50,000 less than the agent expected it to sell for using your auction techniques. All the other bidders were blown out of the water – they didn’t put up their hands again!” 

J. Adams

“It was like an answer to a prayer – a dream come true.  I had been told for several years that, even though I had a large asset base, because I had no income I could not get a loan.  You have opened the way to financial freedom for me by showing me how.”

R. Antoniou

“I came to find out how to become a Millionaire and you delivered!  I applied your teachings and built a $1,200,000.00 property portfolio with 65% LVR.  These wealth creation strategies you have shown me are amazing.”

R. Koenig

“I found out the townhouse I bought for $375K is now worth $500K – that’s $125,000 in equity profit!  And now I know what to do with the surplus – what a wonderful world!”

R. Outhrod

“These strategies are understandable, tailored to the equity position of my properties, and offer me the opportunity to achieve complete independence and financial freedom.  Thank you for working so selflessly for my good and the good of all attendees.”

T. Hall

“I realised I could safely unlock the equity in my house and buy at least 3 investment properties of $500K each. Fantastic.”

V. Erdos

“I was amazed when my finance people told me I could get what I wanted to fund my first investment property – these strategies really work.”

J. Gilles

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