In the 20+ years Peter Spann has been presenting investor education seminars, we have issued 334 refunds from these events, but over 71,000 people have attended!

Decide for yourself who’s right and profit.

There’s no risk to you.

We like our clients to be happy – so if your not happy, we’re not happy.

If you don’t think Property Pay Day is everything we’ve promised we’ll refund your money.


At any time during the first 30 days you decide the program is not for you, that it does not deliver, or that the strategies would not produce the type of returns we claim, you can ask for and receive a full refund of your investment.

Just fill in one little form and it’s done.  You can request a refund form from

So there’s nothing for you to lose and plenty for you to gain by attending.

If we didn’t offer this guarantee I might understand people’s reluctance to enrol but really, all you stand to give up is some of your time to discover what it might be like to have the rest of your life free from financial worries.

Easy as that.

Now you have nothing to risk and everything to gain.

Enrol now in this life changing educational program…