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Sydney Property Investment Boom Rolls On

Ok, so it’s definitely a boom and Property Pay Day Graduates are winning!    Buying, renovating and revaluing or selling. When I first started in Sydney Property investing Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay were my stomping grounds for no other reason than they were within 5 minutes drive from home (Darling Point) and were within […]


Investment Property – What to Buy

What to buy, what to buy? Picking the right type of investment property is the key to success. Commercial Commercial property includes things like shops, offices and warehouses and parking spaces.  The upside of commercial is they can get much higher returns then residential property, sometimes two or three times the amount.  Plus the tenant […]


Is Negative Gearing at Risk of being taken away?

Few people in Australia realize the two massive investment concessions (incentives) we have that are out of step with the rest of the world are negative gearing and dividend imputation. Removing either will be met with voter resistance (ala Keating when he tried to remove negative gearing), but in reality, excluding the electoral consequences, removal of […]


What to do in a Property Bubble

Bubble, bubble toil and trouble, people are panicking, worried they’ll miss out and worried they’ll get cut short – what will it be? Is this a property bubble at all? Thing is the nay-Sayers have been calling the Australian property bubble for years.   I guess eventually they could be right, maybe even now, but what […]


How Real Estate Listings Differ

Real estate listings are contracts between sellers and the brokers who sell their homes. With all the different kinds of real estate listings, it can be confusing to know which one is best. Several factors affect the type of real estate listing you should select. When deciding on a type of listing, it’s important you […]

Peter Spann Reveals what Real Estate Agents Don’t Want You to Know

Peter Spann says, “Real Estate Agents really don’t want a property investor to outsmart them, especially when it comes to information on real estate websites and real estate listings but to really join the investors club you’re going to need quality investment property advice and blast through their so called “secrets”.” There may very well […]


Worst Auction Ever?

I went to an auction SO bad last night I almost feel like naming and shaming the big name franchise agent / auctioneer. First they did it “in rooms” not on site – this is a fully renovated house with glorious harbour views – why remove bidders from that? It was the only auction that […]